Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dusting Off

Hello everybody:

Wow, has it been really THAT long since I've last updated this?

Yes, it has.

If you allow it, I will explain why: back in September 2009, I was preparing an exhibit with my work, after that happened, I became part of a group of photographers who travelled into the wild outdoors and take photographs of the places we visited.

That's been going since December 2009 until now. In the meantime, I've been having exhibits all over the place (individual and some with my colleagues), along with life in general and other things, that kept me busy and I completely disregarded this. However, I'm still involved in photography (obviously) and I've learned a lot during the time I've been absent.

My plan is to bring this blog back from the dead and update it with information you will find useful. I'll focus in gear use and my experience in certain situations.

To those of you who still check this place, thank you for still reading. To those of you who just discovered this blog, welcome to Alpha Sight.

Until next post!

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