Monday, October 20, 2008

Colaborators Wanted

Are you a Sony Alpha DSLR user?

Do you have any know-how you want to share but don't know how with other fellow Alpha users?

Are you skilled using photographic edition software and you'd like to share your knowledge?

Do you know of any tips of use that other fellow Alphanautics should know?

Are you a specialist in a certain photographic area such as journalism, portraits, wild life, product photography, etc. and you'd like to help other people learn the tricks of the trade?

Can you review and/or lenses, cameras, or any gear related to the Alpha mount?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then Alpha Sight is looking for you.

Alpha Sight is looking to expand its knowledge base for all Alpha users around the world and I'm looking for colaborators. If you said yes and you want to share your knowledge in any area regarding photography and/or use of the Alpha DSLR system, then send me an email to: with your article.

Any articles submitted for publishing in this blog will be fully credited to the author, although if your article contains work of other author(s), you need to credit that author(s) as well.

You'll be also listed in our list of collaborators and a link to your personal site/blog/album/etc. will be included.

If you got the skills and the brains, join us!

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