Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Month With My A700 And Alpha Sight

Today I have one month with my A700 and I would like to share some thoughts.

Initially I was somewhat scared with it, mostly because its a DSLR and I had no experience using a camera that only used the VF to frame, letting go of LiveView was hard the first days...

When I first got it, 5 out 10 pictures I took were good (in the sense that I got the shot I wanted), right now Ive managed to move that to 7 out of 10. I know it may sound a bit cocky (or maybe too...) but thats how I personally feel.

I must admit that reading Gary Friendman's guide for the A700 (read previous post) REALLY cleared things for me regarding the A700's capabilities and practical uses. When I started reading the book, I was all confused and scared, after I was done with it, I felt more secure and with a lot of ideas.

Ive been shooting a lot lately with it and my handle of the camera's behavior is improving, feels like the A700 and me are getting in the same channel. The thing I need to work on right now is the use of different lenses, especially the Lensbaby 3G...

Another thing Ive realized is that I really missed a lot by pushing flash photography aside when I used my H1. I didnt want to use the flash back then because of how ugly it made the pictures look, but I never thought something could be done about it! After reading Mr. Friedman's book, Ive realized how wrong I was and ever since then Ive been playing with a Minolta Program 3500xi flash and a sheet of paper attached to it, and Ive been having so much fun! The results Ive been getting with that combination werent possible to me according to my wrong idea. Ive even used the principle of using the sheet of paper as a diffuser on my H1 and Ive got a great result with it for my blog Out Of Place, the issue #38 was shot using flash but diffused, and it looks so much better that way than without it.

DSLR is truly an amazing, flexible and infinite world to explore!

And now I got to keep learning.

Today is also the first month of existance of Alpha Sight. Ive been posting as much as Ive been able to about topics I've seen are needed by the Sony Alpha user community.

I would like to thank to the people who participated in my poll, letting me know they have found information here useful to them. Im really pleased to know Im being of service to you and that this blog has showed you information you needed or didnt know about. Thank you!

Remember you can always submit information of topics worth for other Alpha users to know, be it you write the article or you leave that job to me, be sure to send me an email to with your submissions. You can also request information about a certain topic of your interest to that mail as well, I will either look it up myself or get help from other users to have an article about it.

Until next post!

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