Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gary L. Friedman's Complete Guides To All Sony Alpha DSLRs And The Alpha Mount

Hello Alpha Sight readers.

I've noticed lately that some of you have been looking for articles or links related to the guides for Sony Alpha DSLRs written by Gary L. Friedman. I posted a while ago an article about his guide for the A700 and my experience with it and then another one mentioning his update of that book with information about the camera's behavior with V4.

However, those two articles were mostly related to the A700. I did include links to his other books in the first article I mention, but I think that people who don't own a A700 but another Alpha DSLR didn't read it. Therefore I'm writing this entry so you have all the links handy without having to dive into a specific camera model article.

Gary L. Friedman's Complete Guides To All Sony Alpha DSLRs And The Alpha Mount.

Alpha 100

Alpha 200

Alpha 300/350

Alpha 700

A900 (Click here to sign up and be notified when the book is released in January 2009)

There you have it, whenever you're looking for a link to any of those e-books, you can look for this article.

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I would like to know if there are people out there who need a hand understanding basic (and not so basic) photography topics, if you are one of them, vote yes and Alpha Sight will start having articles discussing them.


  1. I've been using SLR-like (or bridge) camera for years. Two weeks ago, I finally decided to switch to DSLR and bought myself a DSLR camera - Sony A350 (twin lens kit).

    I am not an expert on photography, but for a person using point and shoot (or bridge) camera, I would say that I already know quite a fair bit on taking photos. Although I've only read the first two chapters, I can tell you that this is a great book. Thank you Diego for recommending this book.

  2. Hey sillydog701:

    Congratulations on your new Alpha! You got the kit with the 18-70mm and 55-200mm or the 18-70mm and the 75-300mm?

    I also came from a SLR-like camera, a Sony H1, and I did learn a huge lot about photography with it, but once you make the jump to DSLR is another league which requires new knowledge.

    In my case, Mr. Friedman's book for the A700 really made things clear to me about a lot of things that I didnt know at all and other things I was used to handle in a certain way with my H1 but it requires a different approach with the A700.

    I havent read his other books for the rest of the Alpha line, but Im sure they are similar in content. No matter what Alpha you got, his book is one of the best investments you can do for it.

    Id say that you should throw away the manual and keep Mr. Friedman's book, but at some point you will need the manual, so keep it ;)

    I'm glad you found the recommendation useful! Helping out other Alphanautics is one of the purposes of Alpha Sight.

    Thanks for your visit and leaving your comment, have fun with your new A350! :)

  3. I got the kit lenses 18-70mm and 55-200mm (my blog entry).

    I was using Canon Powershot S50, then Sony Cyber-shot DSC H9. Although I use manual mode on those cameras as much as possible, moving to DSLR is really a big step. Suddenly, it's like back to beginner's level.

    It really is a good book. Thanks again.

  4. Boy do I know what you mean about that...

    Same thing happened to me when I got my A700, I wrote an entry called DSLR 101 describing my experience.

    I trust that Mr. Friedman's book will sort you out in everything you need to know to get a good hang of your Alpha 350.

    Have fun with it!:)