Saturday, November 15, 2008

Updated Version For Gary L Friedman's Complete Guide To Sony's A700

Back in October I mentioned a book that really helped me to get a good understanding of what the A700 can do, Gary L. Friedman's Complete Guide To Sony's A700 Digital SLR Camera And The Alpha Mount System.

Sony released Version 4 of the A700's firmware in September, and the upgrades in that firmware version changed the way the camera behaves. Mr. Friedman's book back then was based on firmware's Version 3.

Well, he has now updated his book to include the changes the A700 experienced with V4 among other things.

From an email he sent:

What's new with version 3.0?
  • More detail about Firmware Version 4, including some unexpected behaviors
  • A few more DRO examples added
  • The Manual White Balance setting to use for Compact Florescent lighting.
  • More on Zone Matching and the "Agorabosta method"
  • Too many small formatting and typographical corrections to document

So if you bought his book already, you should be getting an email from him with a link to get the newest version of his book.

If you havent bought his guide because you were waiting for him to include information about V4 or because you just havent, now is the time to buy it. Read my post on his book clicking on the link above.

Keep in mind that buying a book from Mr. Friedman gives you access to free updates for life, so the investment you do when purchasing it pays for itself once you grasp all your A700 can do.

Go now to his online store to purchase his updated A700's guide .

*For those of you who purchased his book already and plan to get the update, please wait a few days if possible to download it so his main servers wont be overloaded with simultaneous downloads.

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