Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A700 Official Firmware Version 4 Upgrade

As previously reported, Sony has made official the version 4 of the firmware upgrade for A700.

Initial reports seem to indicate that the version most people installed when leaked a week ago is the same version released now.

At the moment of writing this, V4 was official through the japanese and european Sony sites.

The european site states the following improvements and error fixes V4 includes:

Improvements and solved issues

The choice to select auto exposure bracketing (single & continuous) with 3 shots in 2 EV steps has been added.

The choice to turn [Off] the High ISO NR feature has been added.

Improvement of the image quality in high ISO setting.

Improvement of the auto white balance and D-Range Optimizer performance.

Improvement of reliability for communication between camera body and vertical grip.

This confirms the first 3 things fixed by the leaked version, and now the WB improvements reported in the DPR Sony SLR Forum are confirmed, along with an upgraded DRO performance.

The last item is of particular interest to me, Ive read some threads in the forum mentioned above of people having problems with the Vertical Grip, that it suddenly stop working and forced people to remove and reintroduce the batteries in the grip. Even the VG's manual mentions this problem in the Troubleshooting guide.

I certainly hope that error is now fixed with this upgrade.

Also, the Sony Image Data Suite has been updated, the new upgrades are:

Image Data Converter SR Ver.3.0

Software to view, adjust and save the RAW format still images shot with your camera.

Image Data Lightbox SR Ver.2.0

Software to view, compare, and rate the RAW/JPEG format still images shot with your camera.

Remote Camera Control Ver.2.0*

Software to control your camera connected to the computer via USB to shoot images or change the settings.

* This software can be used with DSLR-A700 only.

V4 for Windows

V4 For Mac

Sony Image Data Suite for Windows

Sony Image Data Suite for Mac

Sony Europe Customer Portal for A700

Installation instructions for V4 and SIDS in those links.

Dont forget to click on the + button next to Overview/Features and Download and Installation Procedure for full information display.

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