Monday, September 15, 2008


Reading through DPR Sony SLR Forum, I came across a thread announcing a game for PS3 called Afrika.

And what does a PS3 game has to do with the Alpha system?

Well, this game is a photography simulator done by Sony, in which you go in a safari expedition to Africa (duh) and you have to take pictures. Ever played Pokemon Snap? Same thing here, except that instead of Meowth you get cheetahs and instead of Slowpoke you get real hippos.

The reason why Im talking about this here, is because the game has product placement by Sony, and the game features the first camera of the Alpha line, the A100.

So yeah, you go around shooting pictures of Africa's fauna with your very own Sony DSLR.

I dont know if thats the only camera you can use in the game, there is another one shown in the video but doesnt seem an Alpha camera. Personally Id like if you could use the whole range of Alphas, except for the A900 which has just been released.

Usually this kind of simulators seem a bit redundant to me, for example, the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games, if youre not a musician, ok I can understand you play that, but I know musicians who play that game, musicians simulating they perform? Isnt it better to ACTUALLY perform?

Same case here, if youre a photographer, isnt it better to go and take pictures instead of simulate you do?

The one thing that I give this idea is that the game takes place in Africa, and not everyone can go there, so this might do the trick.

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