Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day With A700

After a year I decided to make the move from high end point and shoot to DSLR, the wait is finally over.

I finally got my new A700 on Sunday.

I havent taken shots with it yet. One of the main reasons is because Ive been reading the manuals that came with the camera, lenses, vertical grip, etc. This is a new system for me and I want to know how to use it properly. I dont want to break anything either, I just got all this stuff and the last thing I want is to send something back to repair.

The other reason is because Ive been busy working on delivering the job that allowed me to buy the new camera.

My recommendation to all of you is that whenever you get a new piece of equipment (camera, lens, tripod, case, editing program, whatever) that you READ the manual.

What for? Simple, you need to know what your gear can and can not do. If you dont know its limits, you will push it to extremes its not designed for or you wont get all the benefits you can get from it.

Ive read an infinite amount of reviews of the A700 and in all of them its stated of how much customization and capabilities the camera has. In order to obtain the maximum power of it, its best to know as much as possible of it. Knowledge over something gives you control, the more you know, the more you can control. Its highly recommended that you read your camera manual or gear manual before you use it, and its also highly recommended to read further literature on the subject to expand your knowledge. Ill post later what Ive been reading lately.

One thing I havent said yet is that Im REALLY happy that I finally have my A700 with me. I have big plans and the camera is crucial part of those plans.

Congratulations to Sony for releasing (AT LAST) the new A900! Good things in the future for us Alphanautics.

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